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Required: .NET 4.0 runtime

You can purchase the full version for $149

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Database Documentation Product Comparison

There are quite a few database documentation generators available on the market today. However, not one compares well with SqlSpec in terms of features, price, or the number of database platforms supported.

In the table below, SqlSpec is compared with major players in the market. In each case, we make the comparison between SqlSpec and the "Enterprise" verison of the competitor's product since they often have different SKUs. At Elsasoft, one reasonable price pays for all the features.

Finally, support for SqlSpec is free. It will be difficult to find a better deal than that!

We encourage you to try out the evaluation version, and if you have any questions, post a question on our forum or send mail to sqlspec@elsasoft.com.

  Elsasoft SqlSpec Mienasoft BIDocumenter ApexSQL Doc Logica2 dbdesc SchemaToDoc RedGate SQL Doc Geckoware SQL Scribe Leadum DBScribe Ecora Auditor
Price $149 $395 $699 $79 $125 $395 $245/site $580 $1194
MS SQL Server
MS Analysis Server            
MS Report Server            
MS Integration Server            
MS Access              
Sybase ASE                
Sybase SQL Anywhere                
Informix IDS                
ENEA Polyhedra                
Raima RDM Server                
HTML output
Compiled Help output      
Command line interface    
Custom stylesheets        
DDL colorization      
Dependency graphs              
Foreign key graphs              
Procedure and function call graphs              
Data model diagrams          
Custom headers and footers            
XML comments (custom tags)                
Edit extended properties from generated HTML docs                
Include external objects and dependencies              
Include external content          
Extended property/comment editor          

Please contact us if any of the above information is incorrect.